My Dyno Numbers...Dissapointed.

Mon, 4 Aug 2003 11:55:09 -0500

Well, I finally Dynoed the car.  Here is a list of mods.

HS Header
JWT S3 Cams
Custom 2.5" Header Back
36" resonator.
Remus Exhaust

Ive got an auto tranny, 156K miles on the odometer and am due for plug and
wires.  The intake manifold has never been cleaned.  Altitude 5500 ft. temp
around 100*

126.3 WHP corrected.

1st run 15*
2nd run 17* BAD...getting detonation.
3rd run 13*

Im guessing by my suck @$$ numbers that 1) the tranny sucks up a lot of
power, 2) the resonator is highly restrictive, 3) I should have changed
plugs and wires....

any opinions?

99' G20 with some dissapointing mods.... :-(