B13 Safety and Rollbar Question

Scott Opheim sopheim@hscsal.com
Mon, 4 Aug 2003 09:51:52 -0500

My question concerns ways to improve B13 crash survivability.  I have a 91 B13
and was considering adding a rollbar with a diagonal cross brace to defend
against a side impact collision.  It would also give give me an anchor point
for a 4 point safety harness (no air bag).  I understand that the danger of a
roll bar is that in a crash you could come into contact with the bar, could
this danger be reduced by padding the bar or adding bracing to the bar so that
the seats would not be allowed to move backward during a rear impact

I live in Houston where the terrain is so rugged that you have to have a
hummer in order to get your kids to soccer practice.


Scott Opheim
91 SE-R with 210K on the clock