SR20DE head flow numbers.
Sun, 22 Dec 2002 17:54:55 -0600

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> So, are you saying that the low-port *head* is capable of more flow than
> a high-port head is

This could be. My test results show that both heads flow the same. The low
port design is always 1mm lift of cfm behind.

Low port---127 cfm at 10 inches (11.5 lift)
high port---127 cfm at 10 inches (10.5 lift)
low port--- 120 cfm at 10 inches ( 10.5 lift)
high port---120 cfm at 10 inches (9.5 lift)

I think if you raise the roof and floor of the low port head, This can create
a nice flowing head. near the bowl area of the valve I would keep it
realatively stock. I would raise the port close to the intake manifold. On
the high port head you can only bring the floor down so much because of the
water galley. the low port head is good for higher rpms. This you can see
with the two generations. A good running classic wiil make  torque earlier
than a good running b14.

short-runner/large-plenum intake manifold would be
the hottest setup possible...right?

The plenims are roughly the same size. not sure if this would be the hottist
setup. I always like the idea of longer runners. This provides more torque.