Nissan Fifth Gear Popout Info & Images

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The Poll

If you own a Nissan Sentra SE-R, 200SX SE-R, NX2000, or Infiniti G20, and haven't taken the Fifth Gear Popout poll, do it now! To see the results of the poll, click here.

About Fifth Gear Popout

A large number of owners of Nissan Sentra SE-Rs, NX2000s, and some Infiniti G20s have experienced failure of the fifth gear synchronizer, leading to fifth gear popping out while driving, or becoming completely disabled. See the poll results mentioned above to see how many of the poll sampling were affected.

My 1991 NX2000 developed the problem, and I repaired the transmission myself. In the process, I found that the fifth input gear, a part of the fifth gear synchronizer in Nissan's RS5F32V manual transmission, was redesigned at some point by Nissan. I took the images and measurements mentioned below during the repair process. You can also see a table of the parts I used.

To date, Nissan has not acknowledged that this was a general design defect, and has not made any effort to correct the problem other than repair the transmission of those fortunate enough to develop the problem during their warranty period. While Nissan is within its rights to do this, it has embittered a great many owners of what are otherwise excellent vehicles. After being completely rebuffed by Nissan, many of these owners have sworn to never purchase a Nissan vehicle again.

The Images

The Parts List

Here is the list of parts I replaced in my transmission, along with part numbers and the price I paid. I ordered from Courtesy Nissan.

Description Part # Price (each)
5th input gear (was 32310-53A00, SF) 32310-53A11 $107.46
5th baulk ring 32607-M8011 $22.85
5th shift inserts (3) 32609-M8001 $1.48
5th insert springs (2) 32603-18000 $0.52
5th coupling sleeve & hub 32610-M8012 $50.98
Shift fork cap (2) 32886-M8001 $1.14
5th shift fork 32819-50J00 $26.59
Input shaft oil seal 32113-M8000 $3.37
Case cover O-ring 32136-50J00 $2.54
Striking rod oil seal 32858-M8001 $5.29
Striking rod retaining pin 32917-M3000 $0.85
Right differential oil seal 38342-31X02 $3.91
Left differential oil seal 38342-31X01 $6.14

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