5th gear pop-out refresher.

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Once upon a time (Mon Oct 18), Wayne wrote:
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>> complete writeup on the SE-R List site, which
>> I found linked from SE-R.net:

>>You may or may not need all of the parts listed,

> Courtesy Nissan has parts kits and good diagrams here:
> http://www.courtesyparts.com/b13/oe_5th-gear.html

Yeah, Courtesy copied my parts list in its entirety it appears. You
don't really need all those parts. I just like replacing cheap parts
"while I'm in there." All you *really* need are the fifth input gear
and the coupling sleeve/hub combo. If you're really cheap, you could
even maybe get by with only a new input gear, as the coupling sleeve
can be flipped. I wouldn't recommend that though, the hub should be
replaced. You don't need the two spring rings or the three little
insert thingies. The baulk ring wouldn't hurt. Plus seals: axle, input
shaft, case gasket. You don't need the shift rod pin and seal unless
yours is leaking. Mine was, so it apparently made that list. Also,
the fifth gear shift fork: don't need it, unless yours has a problem.

The deal with the fifth gear is that Nissan changed the dimensions of
the input gear, so it would mesh with more material. That is the only
countermeasure I ever discovered. They also began specifying that
the hub and coupling ring must be sold as a set, where previously
they were sold separately.

Something important to do when fixing this is to measure the freeplay
with the retaining clip at the end of the input shaft with new parts
installed. That clip is available in different thicknesses, and you
may need a new one with new parts. No way to know which one though
until you install new parts.

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