AC compressor

Kieran A. Lavin kieran at
Mon Oct 18 21:57:20 CDT 2004

Ok, I was replacing the AC compressor in the NX and forgot to undo that
connector before unbolting everything.  As the compressor was dangling by
the connector, I tried to support it with one hand while disconnecting it
with the other... to no avail.  The wire wound up snapping right at the
connector (about a millimeter of wire coming out of the connector... not
nearly enough to splice, tap, solder, or anything)  Any ideas?  I know the
ideal thing would be to get another connector with some wire on it.  Is this
a typical connector, does anyone have a spare, is it something I can pick up
at Autozone or somewhere similar?  Ideas?  Hopefully something tonight or
tomorrow as I'm heading out to finish putting the car back together
Wednesday and hopefully get it good and running again to be sold soon.



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